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Officially opened in March 2004, MUD is housed in a unique stone and mud building on the Route 62 in Barrydale where the principles of eco-friendly materials and design are practiced.

Today MUD is proud to be the official retail outlet of Barrydale Hand Weavers while the building, designed by renowned Andy Horn of Eco-Design, also hosts Mojoe Coffee Roasters with The Farm Deli as the latest business to join the family.

Completing the combination of country style products is Coffee@MUD – a fully licensed restaurant which has a reputation for making the best breakfasts, light meals and freshly baked goods every day.


Renowned for his ecological approach to architecture, Andy Horn who has won international awards for his sustainable construction methods originally designed MUD as a rammed earth building supported by buttresses.
However, due to the abundance of slate in the surrounding earth it made more sense – in keeping with the ethos of reducing the carbon footprint – to use what was readily available.

Construction was done by Boetie Fullard, who, after many years of farming
experience, was prepared to take on the “alternative” building method. 
– The stone is held together with a lime stabilized earthen mortar. The same
was used as the plaster work on the inside of the building.
– The dome construction and the pillars are built of fired bricks. The domes
support a viewing deck above.


Barrydale Hand Weavers

The official retail outlet


Mojoe Coffee Roasters

also call @MUD home and their delicious brews are served by Coffee@MUD

MUD Pots and Plants

The Farm Deli

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MUD, R62, Barrydale, 6750

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